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Y-Axis Overseas Job Search Service 

If you are an international jobseeker wishing to find a job abroad, chance are that you have gone through the below stages:

  • You are not finding the time to market yourself.
  • You are finding the costs of finding a job  abroad expensive.
  • You need more information.
  • You need more contacts to begin your networking
  • You want to do your homework before entering the country or applying for a Permanent Residence Visa.

Your solution: Outsource you job hunt to us!

The Y-AXIS Overseas Job Search Services is designed around the busy professional who does not have the time, the money to travel, the information and the contacts to search and apply for the overseas job.

Who is this useful for?

  • Those wishing to find a job  abroad
  • Those not finding the time to market themselves
  • Those finding the costs of finding a job abroad costly
  • Those who want to  do their homework before entering a country or  applying for a Permanent Residence Visa

Suitable for Candidates looking for a job in a specific country, city or region

  • For those already inside the country
  • For those in their own home country with an Approved Visa
  • In Final Stage of Process
  • Just Started the PR Visa Process
  • Those interested in working or settling  abroad

Y-Axis Overseas Job Search Service: Key Points

  • Services open to all skilled professionals
  • Inexpensive & affordable
  • Resume writing services to make your resume as per international standards.
  • Professional Job Search  Assistance to help you apply for overseas jobs
  • Visa Processing Services once you have received a job offer
  • Post landing Services provided so you’re well taken care of from the day you land in a new country
  • Family visa in most cases

The Service

 Step 1: Y-Resume Writing Services

The importance of a resume

  • Remember that this is the first & most important factor when it comes to your overseas job.
  • The employer does not get to see you or speak to you at all. He only gets to see your resume. If this is impressive, you get a response. If it is not, you’ll be one of the hundreds who apply and end up in a database without being called.
  • We work on your resume to ensure it is as per international standards. We ensure that your resume is professional, among the best and stands out from the rest who apply

Step 2: Y-Resume Marketing Services: Allows you to market yourself to overseas employers & to keep actively looking for an overseas job even if you don’t have the time to do it yourself. It is a consistent focused effort that is done by our consultants.

What we do?

  • Exhaustive marketing of the resume to employers, agencies, job portals etc specific to their industry/occupation
  • On your behalf, we open a new email account & send your resume to employers in that area.
  • This is the most effective & inexpensive way of informing employers overseas that you exist, you are available and you’re interested in working for them.

Deliverable: Targeted research and marketing to the selected city / state / country.

Why Choose Y-AXIS?

  • Created by the leader in the overseas careers.
  • We understand immigration, visas, licensure, employability.
  • We understand the problems on both sides of the fence.
  • We use superior technology, processes and teams.
  • Selected countries & regions based on visa available, selected cities based job opportunities.
  • We are innovative and never give up.


We do not do placement or recruitment & do not charge you a fee for the same. We only market your resume overseas for a nominal fee & once there is a response, you will be expected to correspond directly.

For further details, please Contact Us or you can e-mail us on consult@y-axis.com. One of our representatives will get back to you at the earliest.