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H1B Visa – Documentation Review & Interview Orientation (USA)

The H1B Visa Approval process may have been a cakewalk, but don’t expect the same with the H1B Visa Stamping with the Consulate! Here are a few reasons why:

  1. Did you realize that you got your H1B Visa Approval without showing your original documents? You simply send your Photostat copies to your sponsor in the US, and USCIS approved your petition based on photocopies. The real scrutiny of your credentials is done by the consulate in India. The consulate would want to see your original documentations with which you secured your H1B Approval and also interview you in person. So be prepared not only with the originals but also with a good oral presentation to defend your entry into the USA on an H1B visa.

  2. There is a strict criteria for candidates to get an H1B visa but there is no strict criteria for someone in the US to sponsor you. So, if you got an H1B approval from a small firm with client base or projects on hand, the bonus will be on you to prove that the sponsor can employ you and pay you.
  3. Even if you are from a Blue Chip company in India or from the best Engineering School in India – you must be able to show that you have a project lined up for you by the time you land in the USA. The old benching is slowly fading into history.

It doesn’t make sense to do guesswork or reinvent when Y-Axis has tried and tested ways of handling complex H1B consulate documentations and interviews.

We notice that quite often candidates stumble on simple and basic questions which they could have easily been prepared as they had come to a professional consultant.

Got your H1 Approval? Apply for your visa now
  • Documentation Checklist & Instructions
  • Review of Documents
  • Interview Orientation

Is it worth the risk?
By coming to Y-Axis, you get a neutral, professional opinion on the strength of your presentation. Y-Axis provides you counseling, advice, tips and insights into making your interview a success upon your first visit.

Y-Axis H1B Visa Documentation and Interview Orientation

Fee: US$250


  • Checklist of Documentation & Instructions
  • Review of documentation
  • Orientation for Interview


  • Use a Documentation Checklist
  • Provide Written Instructions
  • Explain the Role of the Consulate
  • Handout: The Role and Responsibility of the H1B Holder and Sponsor
  • Provide Interview Orientation


Credibility of the Sponsor

  • Tax Returns
  • 10 Things you must ask your Sponsor

Current Requirement

  • Fresh Cover Letter with a recent date

Specific Project Details

  • Vendor Agreement of Employer with their client
  • 10 Things you must ask your Sponsor


  • Advise the candidate to take his wife and children to the consulate for the visa interview instead of applying for the H4 Visa at a later date.

Why Y-Axis for your H1B Visa Application?

  • We are Immigration Experts & process the highest number of Visa applications.
  • We have the highest success rate.
  • 50% of our customers are from Word of Mouth.
  • Professional Services, Transparent terms, Clear policies & no Hidden Costs
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