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Why EB5 Visa

EB5 Visa: Overview

The EB5 Program allows a foreign national to obtain permanent residency in USA by investing $500,000 in a project

  • Project must be in an approved Regional Center
  • Conditional Green Card (I-526) is granted in 6-8 months of filing
  • You and your family are allowed to live & work anywhere in USA
  • Your children get access to US Education & instate tuition fee after 6 months in USA
  • Permanent Green Card (I-829) is granted after two years on these two conditions:You can choose to apply for US citizenship after 5 years
    • Investment created 10 jobs.
    • Money was used for the project only

The 10 benefits of Green Card

1. Become a PR of USA

  • Become a resident of the richest country in the world
  • Enjoy a high quality of life
  • Get access to world-class facilities and institutions
  • Enjoy the opportunities on par with US citizens
  • Enjoy the purchasing power of the dollar

 2. Lifetime Benefits

  • Requires no renewal and never expires
  • Can stay permanently anywhere in the 50 states
  • The Green Card can be retained by the family even if anyone has deceased or lost your job

 3. Travel Permit Benefits

  • Enter / Exit USA without the risk of being denied entry
  • Easily get a visa to any country in the world
  • Some countries don’t even require a visa

 4. Work Permit Benefits

  • Authorized to work in any company in USA in any job functions for any length of time without needing a sponsor like the H-1B
  • Unlike Work Permit, where the spouse and the children under 21 need to have a student visa to study and work visa to work, once you get a green card, they can stay in USA even if they turn 21 and even if they get married
  • Can also apply for employment with less competition – only Green Card Holders and US Citizens can apply due to the security clearance requirement
  • Eligible to apply for professional licenses: insurance agent or a real estate

5. Business Benefits

  • Can start a corporation and make own business
  • Eligible for government grants, exempt from export restrictions and access to security clearances

 6. Study Benefits

  • Right to apply for government-sponsored financial aid for education
  • Pay less tuition fee for college and university through ‘instate’ and ‘resident’ tuitions
  • Students may work in USA while they attend college and then continue to work afterwards, enabling the students to pay for part of his/her education and to work while attending graduate and postgraduate studies

 7. Sponsor Benefits

  • Can sponsor spouse and unmarried children under 21 for a Green Card
  • Eligible to apply for US citizenship
  • You can also choose to be a green card holder forever
  • India allows dual citizenship so you can get the US Citizenship without giving up the Indian citizenship

 8. Retirement Benefits

  • Can get Social Security Benefits when they retire
  • If you worked for 10 years before retiring

 9. Property Benefits

  • Easier to buy a home. Many banks require a green card or long-term stay visas to grant a mortgage loan with lower interest rates
  • Can legally own property, cars, firearms like an American

10. Healthcare Benefits

  • Access to the best hospitals and medical care in the world
  • Become eligible for health and life insurance which is a requirement for many insurance companies

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