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Dependent Visa for Family Members – Australia


Do you currently hold a Provisional or Temporary Visa? Do you want your Family members to join you? Then Go for it.
You may include the following family members as secondary applicants even after your visa is granted.

• Partner
• Dependent Child

If your Spouse/De-facto Partner (including same sex partner) holds a Provisional/Temporary residence visa, you will have the opportunity to accompany or join your spouse in Australia under the same visa. You can also apply for your dependent child under the same category. You will have all the rights to work, live and study just like your partner. Your Partner in Australia should sponsor you to Australia and also need to provide strong evidence of genuine and continuing relationship. The application can be lodged by your dependant from Australia (Onshore) or outside Australia (Offshore). There are no restrictions on the location. The Visa granted to you will be same as of your Partner in Australia.


• You Have a strong and genuine relation with your spouse or De-Facto Partner (Including same sex partner)
• You meet the Health requirements
• You meet the Character requirements (For all the applicants above 18 years)
• You meet the Functional English requirements.

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