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Canada Immigration Options – Work & Settle in Canada


Canada Immigration is a very popular option for those looking to work & settle in a new country. Canada offers a number of options to those who want to work, study, visit or migrate to Canada. There are a number of visa options available and they are mostly points based where an individual scores points for age, work experience, education and English language.  If you are interested in a permanent visa to Canada, you should consider Migration to Canada.

Canada has become the world’s most popular immigration destination. The economy is strong, unemployment is very low and the government actively encourages immigration. CIC plans to admit a total of 240,000 to 265,000 new permanent residents in 2013, for the seventh straight year. This represents the highest sustained level of immigration in Canadian history. Application is simple, easy and straight forward. You could be in Canada in 6-12 months!

Listed below are the most popular categories of Canadian Immigration & Canada Visas. Click here to view all options.

Canada Federal Skilled Worker Immigration

For those below 51 years old & want to independently migrate to Canada on the basis of your qualification, work experience & age. Read all about the points system and check if you are eligible to apply.

Canada Skilled Immigration

Migrant Visa for anyone who wants to settle in Canada. Must be under 51 years old For anyone with a diploma / degree & one year of work experience. Migrate to Canada in 6-12 months. Money back guarantee! *

Canada Immigration Family Visa

Migrant Visa for those who have family in any city in Canada

Quebec Selected Skilled Worker Visa

For migrants who wish to get selected by Quebec Govt. to work and settle in Quebec

Canada Immigration Provincial Nominee Program

PR Visas for a specific province or territory in Canada

Canada Study Visa / Study Permit

For anyone who wants to study in a school, college or University in Canada

Canada Visit Visa

For anyone who wants to visit Canada on business or for a holiday

Canada Work Permit

For anyone who wants to work in Canada

Post Graduate Work Permit

For International students who have graduated from an eligible program at a post-secondary institution. The work permit is valid for the length of the student’s study program.

Self Employed Visa

For those who have the intention and ability to become self-employed in Canada

Canada Immigration Entrepreneur Visa

The Entrepreneur Program is designed to attract experienced business persons who will own and actively manage businesses in Canada that contribute to the economy and create jobs.

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