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Career guidance

What you get

You will be assigned to a trained & experienced Overseas Career Consultant who will study your profile and come up with a customized solution. Counseling is provided based on your profile, your education, your experience, your budget, your country of interest and the current rules & policies of each country. We do not promote or push any one country or service; we recommend various options purely based on what you are eligible for. As a policy, we provide the notes of the counseling session in writing so that you can discuss your options with your family. You will also get relevant brochures / catalogs which clearly state the terms and conditions of your engagement with Y-Axis.

Experience & Popularity

1000s of success stories
Over 150,000 counseled so far
Over 15,000 counseling sessions per month

Infrastructure & Convenience

30 company managed offices in major cities.
25,000 sq.ft office space.
State of the Art National Processing Research & Documentation Center.
Secure National MPLS Network to keep your data confidential.
Conveniently located in all major cities.
Telephonic Counseling for those who cannot walk in.
Online Counseling (Live Chat) for those who are overseas.


Useful and simplified reading material
Regular updates sent to your Inbox.
Online Updates & Latest News to keep you fully updated.


Strength of over 150 Counselors who are well-trained and experienced to be able to guide you.
All Counselors are Graduate Level, Trained & Experienced.


Absolutely Free with no strings attached.


30 minutes.

For further details, please Contact Us or you can e-mail us on consult@y-axis.com. One of our representatives will get back to you at the earliest.