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Some people assume we are educational consultants. Some know that we are good immigration consultants. Some remember us as the H-1B company. The fact is that we are all of them and – more. One thing about Y-Axis is that we constantly evolve because we have a good feel of the pulse of immigration trends and the opportunities in the global marketplace for professionals and seek out what is best for our clientele.

There is a saying that a man with only a hammer sees all problems as nails. Our tool kit is full of tools that we use to your advantage. We will offer you solutions that fit you – whether you are an individual, family or a company.

We have always held the Global Indian in great pride. And we strive to increase the tribe because it is a good thing and the best thing that ever happened to India. India and Indians are everywhere. They are the talk of the town in every country and in demand because Indians actually are the new raw material for today’s modern economies.

Y-Axis offers you a path to become a successful Global Indian. Come talk to our counselors who are passionate about their job in helping you achieve your dreams of a career overseas.

Best of luck!
Xavier Augustin
President & CEO